I’m tired. That might be down to the fact its almost 2am in the morning, and I’ve done nothing but sit, eat, and binge watch netflix since 6pm. Bu who knows. I think I’m just getting sick of being in my own head all the time. I want to meet new people, hear about their … More

Nobody’s Home

I’m sure there’s others out there that I could feel a connection with or love or whatever, but what happens if you fall in love at a very young age and never quite learn to stop loving that person? Am I destined to live a lonely life because I lost the love of my life? … More Nobody’s Home


If I am to be alone, I at least want to be a force. I want to be strong and memorable, destructive and soft, driven and chaotic. I’m clearly never going to be the perfect girl, with the perfect man and the perfect job. I doubt I’ll ever be the average girl either, 9-5 job, … More Freedom

Middle Fingers Up

Things have taken a turn for the worse recently, and I’m not sure how to fix it. I just feel so broken and so exhausted, I don’t know if I have the strength to fight this anymore. I think a large part of me has already given up, but I keep going because… well honestly … More Middle Fingers Up

Just need somewhere to write about whats happened to me over┬áthe past few days. So Friday I was up at 7.30, despite having stayed up in the pub drinking until 2am. After attending my lecture, I spoke to my group about our project. One member headed home to finish the editing, lets call her the … More


I’m sorry if I’m not good enough, if I don’t listen enough, or appreciate enough, or be there for you enough. I’m sorry if you see me as smaller, less experienced, a child. I’m sorry if you see me in that way, because it’s not true. I give all my energy, it’s all I’ve got … More Sorry

Silent Screams

There’s a mourning in my heart, a closed open-ness that I can’t seem to control. I couldn’t talk about it even if I wanted to, it would be useless. No one would want to listen, and no good could come from it. So here I am, typing away yet again, because somethings you just can’t … More Silent Screams

A Delicate Mind

So what causes all this diss-that de-this shit anyway? Well according to the internet, serious emotional trauma, either long-term or short-term, can cause anyone to go a bit woo woo. I was just one of the lucky ones who actually had enough long term trauma to actually make me go woo woo, we all have … More A Delicate Mind